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Maintenance Services

You’ve invested in your floor. Extend its life by keeping it maintained.

Maintaining your floors not only makes them look much better and reflects well on your business, it extends the life of your floor, keeps people walking on them more safe, and improves employee morale.

When people walk into your showroom, manufacturing areas and service center what’s the first thing they see? A clean, sparkling, well-maintained surface or a dull, dirty floor?

During the course of normal work activities warehouse floors, showroom floors, and manufacturing areas accumulate dirt and debris from people, equipment, chemical spills, and the environment. We know that because you are running your business often times during late-night and early-morning hours, that there isn’t really “down-time” to properly clean your floors.

And, while it seems as if it is something that you can put off for a while there are real repercussions to not maintaining floors. The build-up of dirt and debris act as an abrasive as people and equipment move it across the floor with their activity. This decreases the life of your flooring investment, but it’s also a safety issue. Floor safety statistics show the real-word impact that unmaintained floors have on workers. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over two million slip-and-fall accidents take place every year due to dangerous floor conditions. Claims on these accidents average thousands of dollars.

Moir’s Coatings is proud to provide concrete maintenance services for commercial facilities.

We will come to your facility and determine the best course of action for your facility and budget. Then we’ll deliver a professional cleaning with commercial grade auto-scrubbers and Tennant cleaning solution. This low-foaming solution is designed to make your floor come to life and give you the maximum time before cleans.

Commercial flooring types services offered:

  • Maintain your polish concrete floors
  • Cleaning epoxy floors
  • Cleaning other floor types such as tile and other commercial/industrial floors
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